Craigslist Tools 2018 make It even more useful

Craigslist Tools 2018. This strange name, terribly crafted, mind-blowingly helpful website. I totally have the love-hate relationship with Craigslist Tools 2018. It has a ton of information and a ton of users, but without any sort of standard for what to put in a post, what to include and exclude, etc., it can be difficult to find what that you are really looking for.

Other people obviously feel my pain, as a number of Craiglist mashups have sprung up on the web that are taking Craigslist data, and using it in a better way. These Craigslist tools are not all Craigslist does, but they usually help you look at a category or region of Craigslist much more easily and productively.

Craigslist Tools 2018 to make craigslist even more useful

  1. The Craigslist Help

One of the things I like the least about Craigslist is that it is limited to a particular place. If I want to buy, say, a bike, I am limited to only small areas Craigslist chooses for me, unless I’m willing to do a lot of duplicate work. With The Craig Helper, you are able to define how far away from you you are willing to search for a particular item. I’m in central Virginia, but I can set Craig’s Helper to search Craigslist in Washington, DC, or even Las Vegas if I really want the bike. You set a price range, a category, a distance, and Craig’s Helper parse Craigslist to find only the results that interest you and ready to go. It does the same thing with eBay, and you can choose to search one or both sites.

2. Craigslist  Zillow

The prices of properties are often biased on Craigslist Tools 2018, but many people do not know what to do, what the right price is, or even what they are looking for. With the Craigslist / Zillow mashup made using Yahoo! Pipes, you can be better prepared. All you have to do is enter a real estate feed from Craigslist, by clicking on the “RSS” icon at the bottom of the page when you search for real estate. Then the pipe shows on a map where the housing options are, as well as the estimated price on Zillow, The Real Estate User Guide. You’ll get an idea of where things are, what’s available, and what normal prices are – an important leg for anyone trying to buy Craigslist real estate.

3. Typo friends

People are notoriously bad at spelling, and notoriously bad at worrying about him. With [no longer works] Typo friends, you will have to use to your advantage. Say you want an Apple computer. Type that in Typo friends, and he searches both by eBay and Craigslist Tools 2018 for all the ways that people could misspell that word. incorrect spelling means fewer people see the list, which means cheaper prices for you! Since it relies on the stupidity of others, it works pretty much all the time. I find eBay to have more results than Craigslist, but with a bit of gold are in both places.

4. ByeByeList

The Craigslist results page does not show you images, which is the least I like about it. For every interesting remote ringing entry you need to click on the link to see the picture! to decide that “in good condition” actually means “in thirteen pieces scattered around my house.” With ByeByeList, you can search for ads on Craigslist Tools 2018! with the photos on the home page in a more eBay style look. If there is no picture, he says it! but for each list with an image you are able to search just like on Craigslist; but see the right of the picture on the results page. Useful for when “using coins” means “only if you are warned with a blowtorch.”

5. Treasure Weekend

Who does not like junk from other people, that they can not wait to get rid? With Treasure Weekend, you can search for all garage sales nearby. Although the ads come from more than Craigslist (a good thing; if you ask me)! most of them do not seem to be fired from Craigslist. They are mapped to you! and each listing provides an address and link to the sales site (again, most of the time Craigslist). Weekend treasure suggest search Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, but there are almost always ads to find. Craigslist Tools 2018 is awesome to hardware and aggregation information, and not so great to display. Using these Craigslist mashups, you can be a better informed, more efficient and more powerful Craigslist user. Are you a Craigslist fan? Do you have Craigslist tools like you, or would you like to see?




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