How to Post ads Craigslist 2018

Post ads Craigslist 2018: Craigslist is an online community that allows individuals to post ads or requests for goods or services in sub-sites that serve a specific urban area in various countries around the world. This article will explain how to post an ad in Craigslist. Note that some steps depend on the language in which Craigslist will be used.

How to post ads Craigslist 2018?

  1. Go to Craigslist.

browser for craigslist services
browser for craigslist services
  1. 2. Select the region where you want to post an ad.

Post ads Craigslist 2018

Post ads Craigslist 2018

3. Click on “Publish in Classifieds”.

Post ads Craigslist 2018

Post ads Craigslist 2018

3. Click on “Publish in Classifieds”.

4. Choose a category in which you will publish your ad

You can choose topics such as “job”, “resume”, “housing application”, “vacation rental”, “for sale”, “games + toys”, “Man looking for woman”, as well as many others.

Post ads Craigslist 2018

Post ads Craigslist 2018


5. Choose a specific category

For example, in service offering, you can choose from various categories such as: auto services, beauty services, computer services, creative services, bike services, event services, and many more.


6. Optionally choose a specific area in which to post your ad

This will delineate the search areas into smaller areas. Your ad will however be published in the general area.



7. Complete the form

“Ad Title” is the first field you will have to fill. This field will be the one that will be most frequently displayed and it serves to attract attention so that readers click on your ad. Make sure you have a catchy title.
“Specific Location” is where you post your ad. Most people use this field to insert a phone number or website. In this case, be sure to precede your address from http: // www to make a link.
“Ad Description” and the field that describes what you sell / offer / etc. to the customer / buyer. This area is the one that will make someone call you, send you an email, click on your web page.


8. Continue to the code page

At this point, you will see it enter a 5-letter code published your ad.


9. Accept the terms of use

Your ad is not yet published.


10. Check the email that you used in your ad

You will receive an email asking you to confirm that you have requested the publication of an ad.



11. Click on this link

12. Click on the link to see how your ad will appear to users


You can put your photos on totally free. It offers you the largest storage capacity and the largest bandwidth allowed.
Use images and Internet links.
You may want to use a different email address for your Craigslist account. Even if you use the option to make your ad anonymous, users will receive your email address when you reply to them after writing to you, even with the anonymous email option.

Keep the message you received at hand. You may need to check it later and delete your ad after selling your product or service. The best thing you have to do once your ad is no longer needed is to delete it to avoid losing people in your area by responding to your ad that you no longer offer.
In some topics, such as real estate topics, you will need to provide a phone confirmation to post your ad on Craigslist.


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